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Anywhere Expandable Metal Curtain Pole

Prix d'origine €55,95 - Prix d'origine €55,95
Prix d'origine
€55,95 - €55,95
Prix actuel €55,95

The Anywhere Solution is the easiest way to hang a curtain. The unique tension curtain pole system was designed to work in every hard-to-install area that you’ve ever encountered: rentals where you’re not allowed to drill, studios where you want more privacy or rooms where you need to divide a space. 

Anywhere curtain poles feature a wrap-around design that keeps curtains flush against the wall, allowing for a better blackout. This tension curtain poles height can extend from 213cm - 304cm while its width adjusts from 91cm - 167cm; making it customizable to fit any space. 

Set up is completely damage-free, tool-free and requires 20 minutes or less. Simply adjust the height and width and lock in place. Anywhere tension curtain pole also works perfectly as a room divider to separate space or create extra privacy. Use as a living room divider or room separating divider for your loft, apartment, office and more. The high-quality metal pole will support light to medium-weight curtains with a maximum weight of 6.8kgs. 


Fully Adjustable, 

Non-Damaging: This non-damaging tension curtain pole leaves no holes on walls or ceilings, 

Easy and fast to install: Installs in minutes; no tools required. 


Height extends from 213cm to 304cm. Width extends from 91cm to 167cm.

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