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Cappa Brushed Black Curtain Pole

Prix d'origine €37,50 - Prix d'origine €45,95
Prix d'origine
€37,50 - €45,95
Prix actuel €37,50

Each Cappa curtain pole is made of high-quality metal and individually checked for quality assurance.  

This adjustable curtain pole works with a variety of decor styles and window fashions, including light to medium weight curtains with a max weight 10kg on each bar. The Cappa curtain pole can be used with our eyelet curtains. 


Extendable length to fit a wide range of windows 

Comes with telescoping rods, 4 finials, wall-mounted curtain rod brackets, screws, drywall anchors and easy to follow installation instructions 


0.91m - 1.68m: Length extends from 91cm to 168cm. Diameter of pole is 2.5cm  

1.68m - 3.05m: Length extends from 168cm to 305cm. Diameter of pole is 2.5cm 

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