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Wallrock Fibreliner Original 150

Prix d'origine €24,50 - Prix d'origine €24,50
Prix d'origine
€24,50 - €24,50
Prix actuel €24,50

Wallrock Fibreliner is a no nonsense paper. Strong, durable and easy to hang, it is suitable for a whole variety of problematic walls. Cracked and damaged walls can be covered quickly and easily and because of its class leading strength, it will help to reinforce your wall surface. 

This is the paper of choice for many professional and DIY decorators as it is quick and easy to hang. Developed with the best modern materials and technology to enable old and tired walls to be smooth once more. Wallrock Fibreliner 150 has a 'natural' uncoated finish. 

Dimensions: 10 metres x 55cm

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