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Irish Hardwood Chess Board with Limestone Pieces

Prix d'origine €299,95 - Prix d'origine €299,95
Prix d'origine
€299,95 - €299,95
Prix actuel €299,95

Inspired by the natural Irish landscape, this chessboard has been lovingly hand-manufactured using Irish grown, hardwood flaming beech. Matched with handcrafted O’Gowna limestone chess pieces, this chessboard has been adorned with artwork inspired by the Book of Kells, an ancient Irish artifact. 

The limestone pieces, crafted by O’Gowna in Naul, Co. Dublin, are reproductions of the Lewis chess set, which is among the earliest known chess sets and was originally found in a sandbank on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides in 1831. The board and pieces come in an Oak presentation box. This truly unique gift is perfect for the devoted chess player, house warming gift, or wedding present. 



Board L19.6cm x W16.5cm x H2.5cm, 

Presentation Box L51cm x W41cm x H5cm. 

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