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Lemon Essential Oil

Prix d'origine €4,50 - Prix d'origine €4,50
Prix d'origine
€4,50 - €4,50
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Lemon Essential Oil has a sharp fresh smell and is extracted from the fresh lemon fruit peel by cold expression. This oil is refreshing to the mind and sharpens concentration, so it is often preferred in room fresheners for offices and banks. It is believed to help with rheumatism, arthritis and gout. It has been used to treat skin troubles like abscesses, boils, carbuncles and acne. 

When used in an oil burner (a few drops in water), the vapours of lemon oil are used for colds, laryngitis, headache and flu. Smelling the aroma is helpful for mental hiccups like irritation, stress, lethargy and fatigue. It lifts the spirits and clears the mind. 


NB: Our Essential Oils are not suitable for internal use. 

Volume: 10ml. 

Dimensions: Ø2.4cm x H6.5cm. 

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