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Max Benjamin Arctic Fjord Candle

Prix d'origine €28,00 - Prix d'origine €28,00
Prix d'origine
€28,00 - €28,00
Prix actuel €28,00

Crisp and clean, this scent evokes the cold and crystal purity of Norwegian glacial waters. Top fresh notes of salt spray blend seamlessly with the mild cool essence of sea kelp while hints of beach rose add a touch of warmth. 

Crafted in Ireland using 100% natural wax and wicks made from cotton to produce a clean soot free burn. Hand poured in Enniskerry, each of these one wick candles has a minimum burn time of 50 hours. 

When lighting your candle for the first time, always let it burn until the first layer of wax is fully melted and the pool of wax reaches the glass. This will ensure a more even burn. Keep the wick trimmed to the length it was when new. Do not burn for more than four hours at a time. 

Fragrance: Arctic Fjord 

Weight: 210g 

Burn Time: 50 hours burn 

Dimensions: WØ8cm x H9.2cm 

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