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Nude Palm Oil Free Deodorant Bar

Prix d'origine €6,95 - Prix d'origine €6,95
Prix d'origine
€6,95 - €6,95
Prix actuel €6,95

The NUDE Solid Deodorant Bar is made without the use of any essential oils. Developed specifically for: Pregnant & Nursing Mothers, pre and post and surgery patients, those undergoing chemotherapy and for customers who just prefer to have an unscented deodorant bar, made without the use of any Essential Oils. 

Fortified with Organic Arrowroot and Bentonite Clay, the deodorant works to absorb perspiration and protect skin against environmental toxins, whilst Organic Shea and Cocoa Butter gently moisturises and hydrates the underarm area to prevent dryness. 



Durable, long lasting and ideal for travelling. 

Bentonite clay is like a mini detox for your armpit, whilst at the same time healing irritated skin and creating a protective barrier. 

Organic Arrowroot powder effectively absorbs sweat while Shea and Coconut Butter gently soothes and moisturizes skin. 

No Essential Oils therefore suitable for Pregnant & Nursing Mothers. 

Suitable for those who may be undergoing surgery or who are receiving long term treatments such as chemotherapy. 

Application: For best results: Towel Dry after washing or showering, hold the curved side of the bar under the Arm until you feel it just start to melt, then glide gently up and down leaving a fine layer on the skin. 

Weight: 30g. 

Dimensions: 5cmx6cmx1cm. 

Note: Not to be used around the eyes, mucous membrane or on broken skin. As with any new product please patch test a small inconspicuous area first before long term use. 

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