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Orba Matt Black Metal Curtain Pole

Prix d'origine €44,95 - Prix d'origine €54,95
Prix d'origine
€44,95 - €54,95
Prix actuel €44,95

Orba uses mixed materials and a smoked finish for an eye-catching curtain rod design. It fits a wide range of windows thanks to its telescoping rods, to best suit your space. 

Made of steel and resin, this curtain rod is durable while remaining attractive in design. The Orba curtain pole supports a variety of curtain sets weighing up to 10kg. The Orba curtain pole set can be used with our eyelet curtains. 


Extendable length to fit a wide range of windows, 

Eco Friendly finish produces 85% less water and solid waste than traditional electroplating finishes, 

Comes with brackets, metal screws, plastic screw anchors and assembly instructions. 


0.91m - 1.83m: Length extends from 91cm to 183cm. Diameter of pole is 2.5cm, 

1.83m - 3.66m: Length extends from 183cm to 366cm. Diameter of pole is 2.5cm. 

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