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Safix Dish Scrub Pad

Prix d'origine €2,95 - Prix d'origine €2,95
Prix d'origine
€2,95 - €2,95
Prix actuel €2,95

100% Natural Coconut Fibre Dish Scrub Pad, bound with a non-toxic biodegradable glue. Lasts longer than the synthetic alternatives with no micro plastics to worry about. 

Soft and Safe enough on hands & Nails for everyday use. Removes Stubborn burnt on residue from dishes and surfaces. Will not scratch delicate surfaces. 

Non-toxic & Odourless. Works extremely effectively with our Handy Vegan Palm Oil Free Dishwashing & Laundry Bar to clean sinks, worktops & mirrors too. 

Weight: 10g. 

Dimensions: 7cm x 10cm x 1cm. 

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