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Scatter Box Nisha Cushion

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Prix d'origine €59,95
Prix d'origine €59,95 - Prix d'origine €59,95
Prix d'origine €59,95
Prix actuel €47,95
€47,95 - €47,95
Prix actuel €47,95

Lavish cut velvet in a contemporary design with a royal blue velvet reverse. Please note: The position of the design is a random cut which may vary slightly for each cushion. 100% Polyester. 

Filling: Feather Filled. 

Care Instructions: Dry Clean Only, Remove inner filling before washing. 

Dimensions: 58cm x 58cm. 


We make every effort to ensure our photographs and videos give you an accurate picture of the colour of each cushion. However lighting conditions out of our control, such as the amount of natural light, or the colour of bulbs used, can have an impact on how each cushion looks in your room.

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