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Synchron Oak 12mm

Prix d'origine €33,90 - Prix d'origine €33,90
Prix d'origine
€33,90 - €33,90
Prix actuel €33,90

€33.90 Per Box (€18.40yd2 / €22m2*)

Synchron Oak is a grey 12mm laminate flooring. This AC4 rated board creates a durable, long lasting, fashionable floor; uniquely perfect for commercial and domestic use. 

Be sure to include one of our underlay products with your order, to ensure you have everything you need for a high quality sound insulated finish. 


Easy to fit click system 

Textured finish 

Quiet and warm underfoot 

Suitable for underfloor heating 

Box Quantity: 1.84yd2 / 1.54m2  

Board Dimensions: 138cm x 15.9cm x 12mm 


*Flooring is sold per box. Prices in yd2 and m2 are for approximate indication purposes only

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