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Vanilla Sugar Scrub

Prix d'origine €13,95 - Prix d'origine €13,95
Prix d'origine
€13,95 - €13,95
Prix actuel €13,95

Pamper your skin with the Vanilla Sugar Scrub. At-home treatment dedicated to softening and nourishing from top to toe. 

Infused with a host of beneficial ingredients, including Almond oil and Aloe Vera, the scrub warms on skin as you massage to help open pores and deliver a deeper cleanse. 

In the shower, mix the contents of the jar with your finger to evenly distribute the oils and then apply to wet skin. Massage gently, polishing away dull skin cells. Rinse well and pat dry. Use caution as the oils can make shower and bath surfaces slippery. 

Weight: 300g. 

Dimensions: Ø9cm x 5cm. 

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