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Woodrow Black & Natural Refuse Bin

Prix d'origine €19,95 - Prix d'origine €19,95
Prix d'origine
€19,95 - €19,95
Prix actuel €19,95

Introducing Woodrow, a stylish waste bin that brings a modern vibe to any room. With its two-tone design, this bin combines a natural wood interior with a stained finish on the outside, creating a cozy and grounded atmosphere. 

It's super easy to move around thanks to the integrated handles, making disposal a breeze. Plus, the unique curved shape turns a regular household item into a standout decor piece. Woodrow is perfect for compact spaces like powder rooms, offices, or studies. Upgrade your space with this eye-catching refuse bin! Sourced from renewable wood sources. 

Clean, Modern Design: Made of treated wood, Woodrow has a natural wood interior and black stained exterior finish. 

Convenient & Easy To Carry: The ultimate solution for easy transport and disposal; with Woodrow's integrated handles, you can say goodbye to any hassle and get rid of your stuff in a breeze. 

Built To Last: This modern refuse bin's open-top design features durable, high-quality construction, ensuring it lasts you a lifetime. 

7.5 Litre Capacity: Woodrow has a 7.5L capacity that is perfect even in small spaces. 

Dimensions: DØ23cm x H28cm. 

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