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Fade Nickel Metal Curtain Pole

Original price €39,50 - Original price €49,50
Original price
€39,50 - €49,50
Current price €39,50

Featuring a modern-shaped finial and minimalist design, Fade is a 2.5cm diameter adjustable curtain pole. 

Fade can fit a variety of window sizes. Made of steel, supporting a maximum weight of 10kg, this curtain pole is durable and long-lasting. Installation is super simple. The Fade curtain pole set can be used with our eyelet curtains. 


Extendable Length, 

Comes with brackets, metal screws, plastic screw anchors and assembly instructions. 


0.91m - 1.83m: Length extends from 91cm to 183cm. Diameter of pole is 2.5cm. 

1.83m - 3.66m: Length extends from 183cm to 366cm. Diameter of pole is 2cm.