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Natural Latex Pillow with Washable Aloe Vera Cover

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This 100% natural latex filled pillow will help you to take control of your sleep quality experience. Relieve pain and pressure points for a therapeutic and comfortable sleep experience. 

A major advantage of and reason for Latex’s popularity as a pillow material is its ability to mould itself according to the sleeper’s neck and shoulders. This in turn can relieve pain and pressure points for a therapeutic and comfortable sleep experience. It offers a cooler sleep than most other foams, and a good life expectancy. 


Anti allergenic, Anti dust mite, Anti bacterial 

Washable Aloe Vera enriched cover 

Create minimal noise under weight and therefore a perfect pillow for light sleepers 

Can retain minimum body heat which offers a cooler sleep than other pillows made from polyester or foam 

Conforming closely to the head, neck and shoulders a latex pillow can help alleviate pain and pressure for most sleepers 

Material: Aloe Vera Enriched Polyester Cover; 100% Natural Latex Filling 

Care Instructions: Machine Washable Cover at 40 Degrees 

Dimensions:  H40cm x W65cm x D14cm 

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