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Bourbon Cask SPC Flooring

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Like all our SPC flooring, the Bourbon Cask is waterproof, so suitable even for bathrooms and kitchens. It is stain and scratch resistant, making it perfect for intensively used living spaces. With good thermal conductivity, it works well with underfloor heating. 

SPC flooring is a relatively new addition to the market and is quickly taking the place of high quality laminates in peoples homes. It has the strength and durability of natural stone, creating a long lasting, fashionable floor; perfect for domestic and commercial use. It's quiet and warm underfoot, making it a great alternative to tiles. While at just 5mm thick, it's thin enough to fit on top of many existing floors without needing extensive work to doors and skirting. 

Unlike some modern laminates that have water resistant top layers, or claim to be waterproof, SPC flooring, with its composite core, is safe against water spills that might get passed the top layer, or click system, giving you the total peace of mind you need. 

This SPC product comes with a thin noise reducing backing, so additional underlay is not a necessity. But if you want to ensure maximum sound insulation, we recommend that you include one of our underlay products with your order.  

Make sure to allow approximately 10% extra for waste caused by cuts when fitting. 



Water Proof, 

Scratch Resistant, 

Stain Resistant, 

Slip Resistant. 


Box Quantity: 1.86m2 / 2.22yd2, 

Board Dimensions: 121cm x 19cm x 5mm. 

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